Sunday, 18 January 2009

This weeks training

Not much to report apart from Wednesday. Ran 4 miles in the fog and semi darkness along the Flitch Way which is an old railway line. It was very eerie but great fun as there was no-one else mad enough to be out. The weeks total is 10 miles.
Also I am ahead of schedule at 14 stone 4 but the early part of weight loss is always easier.

Why runners should drink beer

In sensible quantities beer is part of a healthy lifestyle.

Beer has less calories than the equivalent volume of milk or sparkling wine or fruit juice.

Beer contains carbohydrate to supply you brain and muscles with energy.

A litre of beer contains 20% of your RDA of Vitamin B2 and 30% of the RDA of Vitamin B6 and 33% of the pantothenic acid you require.

These vitamins are beneficial to the cardiovascular system, red blood cells (foster the formation of) and nervous system. It also contains zinc, potassium, calcium and magnesium which are required for good bone strength and structure.

Th electrolytes and high water content make it good for quenching thirst.

Low alcohol beer contains folic acid which is important for cell division so it is good for sorts people

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Whats it all about

"What ever the mind of man can conceive and honestly believe it can achieve" - Napoleon Hill

Lets test that out. I have a dream that I can wear that old pair of jeans in comfort.

Ok I had too much food and drink at christmas - well most of last year actually and I didn't do enough exercise, I am over 40 so my metabolism is not as rapid as it once was. Summary my goal is to lose 1.5 stone in three months which will take me from 207pounds to 185 pounds.
Goal 2 I want to run a marathon in under 3.5 hours before the end of 2010.

So .....I have started running, only about 10 miles a weeek so far but you have to start somewhere. I can tell you though on Saturday it was F for cold running at 4:00 pm round the fields. As I am going to go for a decent marathon time I will need to train scientifically so I did some cross training yesterday and went swimming for 40 minutes or so. It was harder work than I wanted as my 15 year old daughter was with me and she is a good swimmer. I was determined not to let her get more than 2 lengths ahead of me so I couldn't rest at all after the first 5 minutes - it was good for me really.

We went swimming free as it is part of a Government initiative to give 3 months free swimming to adults and a year to under 16s. Nice idea but Braintree pool really don't like the general public - that is a rant for another day! Only 25 people are allowed in at a time and then we got kicked out of our lane as the triathlon club wanted to train so we had to dodge in and out of the old dears floating up and down chatting.