Monday, 15 June 2009

50 Beers In One

Ah there has to be something good in Braintree - the Braintree Beer Festival. Ok that isa bit harsh but the 5th Annual Braintree Beerfestival was on this weekend. Being as I had bee to the other 4 I just had to go. Unfortunately arriving Saturday afternoon meant that many beers had run out but I was able to get a drink of the specially created "Braintree Market Ale"from Shalford Brewery
If you are a drinker with a conscience (try spelling that after a few pints) you can really enjoy this beer festival as all proceeds go to charity and they make about £4000 per annum.
Since the Lions are out in South Africa and as yet unbeaten we had to try Milestone Lions Pride and Lion Heart.

I can thoroughly recommend this friendy beer festival which runs annually and has lots of good beers from small breweries plus the odd big one. Whats more when you get the munchies there is plenty of good food supplied by hopleaf so if you wanted you could spend most of Friday and Saturday at the beer festival.