Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Its About Time

Ok so it is about time I updated people about the London Marathon which was over 2 months ago. Firstly if you sponsored me thank you very much I made £340 for Kate's Namibia trip and £195 fort he Russ Foundation (Good Foundation in the UK)

Yes I did run and I did finish in a disappointing 4 Hours 32 minutes despite a very good water and lucozade strategy. I was 19632nd the 15039th man and  2043rd 45-49 year old to finish. The total number of finishers was 36549 so I was in the second half.

I was very disappointed with my time as I was hoping to go under 4 hours but I started too fast. I was running next to the 8 minute a mile pace maker for the first 10 miles when I should have been doing more like 9 minutes a mile. I felt strong and comfortable but at 10 miles I "hit a wall" and just got slower and slower. I actually took over 13 minutes to do the last mile.

It is ok when young men overtake you. You can rationalise young women overtaking you but when elderly ladies start overtaking you it is quite disheartening. Then all the fancy dress people overtake you. A soldier carrying a full pack - well he is young fit and has trained to do this kind of thing so I can cope with that. But when a man dressed all in yellow and almost completely round and looking just like a butterball over took me I wanted to lie down and die. It must be something to do with male ego but I was sure I was better than that - delusional thinking of someone who has been around for almost half a century.

I felt a bit like Steve Redgrave at the end "if anyone sees me near a marathon again shoot me!" lol. Guess what I entered tha ballot for next year. There is unfinished business here. I have a sub 4 marathon in me. Thats what my head says but may body may have other ideas.

As I was running independently and not for a recognised charity I had to change in the public change area. Bear in mind I had run almost to a standstill, my knees, thighs, ankles etc ached like hell. We had to climb up a flight of about 60 steps then go down into an underground carpark. Going up was bad enough but going down hill was agony. We were then greeted by the least salubrious changing room ever (and I played rugby at Eton Manor once). Basically a section of car park was tarpaulined off. No seats,  hooks or anyting and the floor had not even been swept. London Marathon organisation is phenomenally good apart from the changing area - I wouldn't have minded if only I didn't have to go up and down to get there.

Fortified by my goody bag - drinks, crisps and chocolate I donned my new "Lon done It" T shirt and went to try and arrange a meeting with Louise and Esme who had watched the race. Louise did actually see me run past but I didn't see her as I was trying to pose for a TV camera but I didn't get on TV despite my good looks and athleticism (not). I headed for a tube but he queue of competitors and supporters was so long that it took almost an hour to get to the train and we met up at Liverpool Street. I was so knackered I couldn't even drink my free can of beer (London Prid) after the race.

When I got home I hobbled around but I found stairs almost impossible. The power of the human body though next day I was almost back to normal (Louise would dispute that I was ever normal)

The blue start 

 Blue Start pen- as you can see the forecast hot weather didn't materialise and it was actually raining at the start and note especially warm
They must of known some old git was running!
At least I started ahead of these but most overtook me.

Thursday, 22 April 2010

No More Running for A Day or Two

I have been trying out this health drink this week as part of my preparation for the Marathon - actually it is a rather pleasant beer Sign of Spring from Stonehenge Ales which tastes a hell of a lot better than it looks. But actually beer can be good for you. Check out my article Beer is Good For You. 
With 3 days to go to the Marathon I have got to the point in my taper where running has pretty much stopped altogether. I am really looking forward to Satuday when I can stuff my face with carbohydrates all day in preparation for all that energy I am going to use on Sunday. I haven't been able to train as I planned for the last month but I am still planning for a personal best. Ever the optimist.
The bad news isthat the weather is going to be summery on Sunday - great for spectators but not so great for us runners. It also throws up a new challenge - sun protection. For those with limited thatch it also means head protection. It should make for a great day as there will be loads of people outside the pubs enroute. This is the time I start to wish I wasn't running a a marathon.I just have to remember the London Marathon motto "Impossible is Nothing"

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Battle of Wounded Knee

Actually the real Battle of Wounded knee was a massacre where the US army killed 300 Sioux including women and children in 1890. It took place in the little valley in the photo on the right. That was the year that the first white settlers arrived in what is now Zimbabwe. But that little ramble has absolutely nothing to do with this blog.

I have been suffering from a damaged knee cartiledge and I have been unable to run for about 10 days. That is certainly not ideal preparation for a marathon which is now only 14 days away. Right now I should be hitting my peak training period before "the taper". I damaged the knee on a 20 mile run and not allowing enough recovery time afterwards. As an old git I have to allow for rest after long runs and I didn't running 7 days in succession afterewards culminating in a 14 mile run and then and enforced rest.

I had a complete rest for a week whilst taking Glucosamine and omega 3 supplements. Then i started swimming. Funny how I started getting cramp afte 40 odd lengths on the Monday, 48 on the Wednesday and on the 60th length on the Thursday. Why is is I can run for 3 hours with no cramp but after 20 minutes of swimming I get cramp in my calves and the arches of  my feet.

 I have to rant about the cruisers in the swimming pool. Mostly old people who swim slowly up and down line a breast instead of line astern. So you can't get up and down the pool without the risk of crashing into someone. It would be easy to set up a clockwise swimming lane to eliminate the hassles but the management at our pool are hopeless and customer service is a foreign language phrase to them.

Back to the running. I started with a gentle 3 miler yesterday with no adverse reaction. Then today a did 5 miles at a good pace and as yet no reaction so it looks like the marathon is still on in a fornight's time. The only issue is that the weather has warmed up considerably which is not ideal for a marathon.

There was a TV program yesterday investigating the London Marathon finances. The London Marathon income is a staggering £18+ million per annuma and they give £5 million to charity and staffing costs are £1.5 million so where does the rest go. The answer, well only London Marathon and their accountants actually know. If they were more open it wouldn't be an issue but as they won't say it makes you wonder.

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Friday, 26 March 2010

Training Update

Training is going ok without being spectacular. The most amazing thing is the change in the weather, a month ago it was freezing with ice and snow around now it is warm (well up to 10 or so ) and damp. There are daffodils in bloom and the birds are getting frisky but my speed is not increasing. Whats more it  is even light in the evenings up to 6;30 or so which allow sme to run round the fields if I am home early.

Two weeks ago I did 14 miles in 1 hour 50 or so which was quite easy and I suffered no after effects. Last week I managed 20 miles in under 3 hours. I found the stairs very difficult after that. So with a month to go to the marathon I am on for under 4 hours but 3 1/2 hours looks unlikely.

I am still looking for sponsors so if you have a spare 50p, £1, £10 or £100 please send it over to me Thanks

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Beer is Good For You

Ok so you know I am a fan of real ales but I have discovered that beer is actually g ood for you. Check out my article in Ezine Articles about beer's benefit   Beer Is Good For You   Obviuosly it is alchoholic so you need to consume in moderation. It is also true that with  excessive consumption the amount of alchohol could block all the good effects.

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

How Time Flies When You Are Having Fun

How Time Flies When You Are Having Fun - three weeks since I last posted . You would hope that I had been training relentlessly for the Virgin London Marathon. Well not quite, but, I havebeen doing some training and I am getting fitter. I am a bit of a fair weather trainer and when the weather was cold and damp I didn't do a huge amount of miles. In fact in the first week of March I didn't run at all!!

Now its mid April and spring has sprung. The flowers are coming out, birds are singing and more significantly it is light in the early evening so I can get out for a run round the fields and along the Flitch Way - so much more fun than running along the pavements in orange light and uneven pavements. It is amazing just how uneven the pavements in Braintree are.You just can't run at a decent speed on the pavements without risking some sort of injury.

It is about five weeks till the marathon so there is not a huge amount that can be changed.  A little bit of extra strength and some more speed would still be good. Also I could do with losing a little bit of weight still.

I tried to use Greeene King IPA to recover from a 14 mile run on Saturday. The thing is that if you are a bit dehydrated the alchohol is absorbed a little quicker and it heightens the emotions. So I was doubly disappointed watching the England rugby. Where is the zip and enthusiasm and aggression. Not  once did a forward try to counter ruck, , not once did a player kick and chase and try to recover the ball,  not once did a England force a turnover. I think England have to get a scrum half who passes quickly, a  running flyhalf and fulback and a couple of dynamic forwards such as Courtney Lawes not a a load of donkeys.

Monday, 22 February 2010

Training Update Nice for Warthogs

Training for a marathon throws up so many different opinions on what to do to get the best time. If you google marathon training you get so many different opinions that it is not worth following. So I am going with my gut feeling  and doing what seems right. I will increase my mileage until the end of March and then look at tapering around 2 weeks before the marathon.

The training issue I have come up against mostly of late is that if you go off road in very wet weather like we have been  having whenever you get to a pinch point on the path it looks like a warthog wallow. The volume of foot fall churms the top mud into a sloppy paste which makes traction very dodgy. Not too mention wet feet and of course cold feet. There are some training benefits though. When running across fields the wet clay sticks to the trainer doubling the weight giving you an extra workout.

I tried some hill sprints on Bird Hill at the Discovery Centre this week as well. It is now so slippery that it was a complete waste of time - mixed views on that, first, yippee less pain, second, damn I need the work out.

So I have to resort to pavement training which is a nightmare as the pavements are so uneven and the orange light hides the the unevenness so it is easy to trip or jar your leg.

Well tonight is curry night so I will need an early run to make room - why is it impossible not to overeat when you get a takeaway curry?

Still if I could run like this guy I would be happy.

Thursday, 4 February 2010

No Jacket Required

Man,  what a difference 5 degrees C makes. I went out running tonight in T shirt and shorts and I was hot because the air temperature was 7 degrees. So I thought "No Jacket Required" and since I have very little hair I do look a bit like Phil Collins. 
I actually saw Phil Collins play live at Surrey University, I was doing security and it was a great night as all his fans came and sat crosslegged on the floor so we had no trouble that night. 
Ok bit of an irrelevant ramble there.
Had two nights off the training and boy did I feel good tonight there was loads of energy in my legs and I positively bounded along in my 3 mile run. I still have done very little speed work but my knee is responding to the special exercise program I am doing. Basically the theory is that if you are an older person your quads stretch and it means your knee joint is not held apart so the bones grind. we will see what the longer term results are.
There is a a serendipidity to all this traing - I have lost 5-6 pounds in weight since the beginning of January, if that carries on at the same rate I will have lost 1 1/2 stone by the time I run the Marathon.
Saturday is a big day as it is England Wales at Twickenham - I hope England can confound us a soundly thrash the Daffodil people but I doubt it. Still it will require a few pints whichever way the result goes. Vitamin B which  is good for recovery after heavy exercise and beer has plenty of it. Also beer is quite a good isotonic drink as well. The alchohol tends to block recovery and dehydrate you though, so it is swings and roundabouts.

Sunday, 31 January 2010

Joggers Nipple Solved

I Solved the Joggers Nipple Problem

I solved the sore nipple problem of last week. I ran 13 miles yesterday and no nipple problems – the secret??? Simple wear a cotton T shirt and the abrasion factor is reduced. Something to do with it being a natural fibre I think.

Training is gearing up now. 23 miles this week with 13 miles on Saturday but the time is not much better than last week. It was considerably colder than last week and I didn’t take my second layer of clothing off at all. I am still getting a bit trouble with my knee which is not going to get any better. I am looking for some exercises to strengthen my quads as apparently weak quads can cause knee pain in old people.

I am starting the search for sponsorship now so look out for emails etc. If you want to sponsor me please contact me via Facebook or email me at olivertrevs@googlemail.com

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Tabor Science College Namibia World Challenge Expedition

Running the London Marathon for Tabor Science College Namibia Project

This is the other cause i am running .

A group of 18 students and 2 teachers are travelling to Morukuto Junior Primary School, in the Omaheke region of Namibia (between Windhoek and Botswana). Morukuto School has 260 learners between the ages of 7 and 13 years and 8 teachers. About 80 children board in very run down dormitories.

The Tabor Team will be refurbishing the girls’ dormitory and shower block, erecting some sun protection in the dining area, and repairing some play ground equipment. They have 10 days to complete the project so they will have to work long hard hours to get the job done

The catch is they have to provide all the funds to do this work themselves via sponsorship. The target is £2000 each to pay for the travel and refurbishment materials. They have all paid the first installment of £1000 through a myriad of fundraising events including a “triathlon”, but they need another £18,000.00 so anything you can give will be greatly appreciated.

Oh and by the way the Tabor Students are allowed 4 days holiday at the end of the trip.

I am running the London Marathon on 25-4-10 to help raise funds for this trip. Please consider giving generously to this cause. Some children at Morukutu School are so poor that they don’t get 3 meals a day but they are very keen on learning.

The Russ Foundation

Running the London Marathon for the Russs Foundation

One of the causes I am running the London Marathon for is the Russ Foundation.
The Russ Foundation

Russ is a charitable organization run by Christians near Madurai in India completely funded by charity.
The Russ Foundation is primarily an orphanage situated near the city of Madurai in Southern India. The home looks after over thirty children from very difficult backgrounds, providing them with a safe and happy home and a good education.
Russ also reaches out to thousands of people in the Madurai area, providing healthcare in rural villages where there previously was none. Their APAC scheme (AIDS Prevention And Care) also supports thousands of HIV sufferers, providing them with counseling and the medication that they need.

The scheme also aims to prevent the spread of HIV through education as many people living in India are still very uninformed about the disease and how it spreads. Most Indians still believe that it can spread through touching an infected person, which means that many HIV sufferers are forced to hide their illness or else risk being alienated in their community, which makes the work APAC do in supporting them all the more important.

Russ also helps educate women and give them skills to gain employment.

Check out some Russ Foundation kids dancing here

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Real Coffee Makes You Burp

The London Marathon is only about 3 months away now,so yesterday I decided to do a longer run and did 13 miles in just under two hours which is ok but  along way from my target. If I am to hit 3.5 hours I will have to knock 20 minutes off the 13 mile time. The good news is that I felt fairly strong at the end and could even have run a bit further. However if you look at the photos below you can see I looked a bit rough by the end.

I decided to have a cup of real coffee 20 minutes before starting to speed up my metabolism which was great but it had un foreseen consequences. I was burping like mad for about an hour of the run and it was all coffee. It didn't have any influence on the way I ran but it was a bit irritating. The run was great and I ended up in short sleeves even though it was only about 7 degrees and my breath was forming clouds as I ran.

Pre run I  looked happy and enthusiastic then afterwards I looked like something out of a horror movie. I could easily be a zombie without any make up.

I will be posting more about the causes I am running for in the next couple of days.

Last night I had a couple of cans of Greene King Abbott Ale which is always a decent pint. The high light of the 50th Birthday dinner for our friend was the jelly and ice cream, doesn't that take you back to your childhood.

The chef's experiment was great although I am not sure you are supposed to use 90% vodka and 10% water in the jelly mix. Some of our party found it a bit too strong and it had a very dramatic on one of our number who had to retire and go straight to bed within minutes of finishing her pudding

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Where has all that time gone

Hey it is a long time since I posted. Since I last posted we have had several weeks of freezing weather and Christmas and New Year and my birthday - 49 years young now.

So I have had a few good beers along the way but I just thought I would draw attention to a bottle my daughter gave me for my birthday. It is strawberry beer from Fruli - Belgian. Apparently Belgians are quite good at making fruit beers. Anyway it does taste of stawberries and is actually quite pleasant if slightly sweet - you could call it a dessert beerRunning Back to the running - I foolishly challenged Stephen Clark, Headmaster of Tabor Science College to a race in the London Marathon. Turns out he is aiming at a time about an hour better than my last marathon and half an hour better than my PB!!! Some serious training required I think. I can't just say he is 10 years younger than me and taller and thinner so I need to increase my basic speed by 25%. Oh I love a challenge.
I did go running a bit in the snow but mainly I whimped out. I was given a head torch for Christmas which is great and in the snow it lights up everything like its the middle of the day due to the vast amount of reflected light.

Funny thing though the snow is pink at night. Not sure why could be something to do with refracted light from the orange street lights.

Sponsor Me Please Now the serious bit - I am raising money for two causes
Tabor Science College Namibia Expedition and Russ Foundation. Both help disadvantaged youngsters so this is an early warning I am after sponsorship - details to follow.

As far as training goes I am doing 17 miles a week or so but it is just running I haven't done any thing longer than about 6 miles and no interval training yet - I will be doing some of that soon to boost my basic speed.