Friday, 26 March 2010

Training Update

Training is going ok without being spectacular. The most amazing thing is the change in the weather, a month ago it was freezing with ice and snow around now it is warm (well up to 10 or so ) and damp. There are daffodils in bloom and the birds are getting frisky but my speed is not increasing. Whats more it  is even light in the evenings up to 6;30 or so which allow sme to run round the fields if I am home early.

Two weeks ago I did 14 miles in 1 hour 50 or so which was quite easy and I suffered no after effects. Last week I managed 20 miles in under 3 hours. I found the stairs very difficult after that. So with a month to go to the marathon I am on for under 4 hours but 3 1/2 hours looks unlikely.

I am still looking for sponsors so if you have a spare 50p, £1, £10 or £100 please send it over to me Thanks

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