Saturday, 10 April 2010

Battle of Wounded Knee

Actually the real Battle of Wounded knee was a massacre where the US army killed 300 Sioux including women and children in 1890. It took place in the little valley in the photo on the right. That was the year that the first white settlers arrived in what is now Zimbabwe. But that little ramble has absolutely nothing to do with this blog.

I have been suffering from a damaged knee cartiledge and I have been unable to run for about 10 days. That is certainly not ideal preparation for a marathon which is now only 14 days away. Right now I should be hitting my peak training period before "the taper". I damaged the knee on a 20 mile run and not allowing enough recovery time afterwards. As an old git I have to allow for rest after long runs and I didn't running 7 days in succession afterewards culminating in a 14 mile run and then and enforced rest.

I had a complete rest for a week whilst taking Glucosamine and omega 3 supplements. Then i started swimming. Funny how I started getting cramp afte 40 odd lengths on the Monday, 48 on the Wednesday and on the 60th length on the Thursday. Why is is I can run for 3 hours with no cramp but after 20 minutes of swimming I get cramp in my calves and the arches of  my feet.

 I have to rant about the cruisers in the swimming pool. Mostly old people who swim slowly up and down line a breast instead of line astern. So you can't get up and down the pool without the risk of crashing into someone. It would be easy to set up a clockwise swimming lane to eliminate the hassles but the management at our pool are hopeless and customer service is a foreign language phrase to them.

Back to the running. I started with a gentle 3 miler yesterday with no adverse reaction. Then today a did 5 miles at a good pace and as yet no reaction so it looks like the marathon is still on in a fornight's time. The only issue is that the weather has warmed up considerably which is not ideal for a marathon.

There was a TV program yesterday investigating the London Marathon finances. The London Marathon income is a staggering £18+ million per annuma and they give £5 million to charity and staffing costs are £1.5 million so where does the rest go. The answer, well only London Marathon and their accountants actually know. If they were more open it wouldn't be an issue but as they won't say it makes you wonder.

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