Thursday, 22 April 2010

No More Running for A Day or Two

I have been trying out this health drink this week as part of my preparation for the Marathon - actually it is a rather pleasant beer Sign of Spring from Stonehenge Ales which tastes a hell of a lot better than it looks. But actually beer can be good for you. Check out my article Beer is Good For You. 
With 3 days to go to the Marathon I have got to the point in my taper where running has pretty much stopped altogether. I am really looking forward to Satuday when I can stuff my face with carbohydrates all day in preparation for all that energy I am going to use on Sunday. I haven't been able to train as I planned for the last month but I am still planning for a personal best. Ever the optimist.
The bad news isthat the weather is going to be summery on Sunday - great for spectators but not so great for us runners. It also throws up a new challenge - sun protection. For those with limited thatch it also means head protection. It should make for a great day as there will be loads of people outside the pubs enroute. This is the time I start to wish I wasn't running a a marathon.I just have to remember the London Marathon motto "Impossible is Nothing"

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