Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Stood Up

I have been  persuaded to join my daughter in a sponsored bike ride. She is raising money for the (Russ Foundation, known in the UK as the Good Foundation.). Problem is I don't have a bike so I borrowed a swish mountain bike from a friend. Obviously like a big kid (or is that a senile old git) I decided to try out some "mountain" riding.

Day 1 I came down a slope and tried to turn to sharply skidded and was partially unseated. Suffice to say its a good job I don't want any more kids!!!

Day 2 I whiz off to Felsted along the Flitch way , about 6 miles away, and I am hacking making sure I am home in under an hour. I am tanking up a bridge over the A120 and I see a pigeon sat on the balustrade so I decide to try to catch it. Whoa big mistake! Its dry and gravelly and the bike slides away from under me and I arrest my fall with my hands, knee and shoulder.  Ouch no skin on the heel of my right hand, no real problem feel a bit foolish as there are some people walking towards me - ignorant so and sos didn't even ask me if I was ok.

So Idecided to get a "bike mentor" as it seems I have forgotten how to ride a bike despite the well known saying. (Personally I blame all the fancy suspension and gears and stuff for my demise.) Any way I am sitting chatting to my "mentor" and his phone rings. afterwards he says "Sorry can't come for a bike ride tomorrow, I have a higher calling."
What do you mean?" I enquire
"I don't want to name drop but have been invited to dinner with my old boss, Prince Charles" he replies. Well who am I to make a fuss about that, but really he should have said do you want to come to meet my old boss don't you think?

Any way you  can donate here to the Russ Foundation and you can find out about the Russ Foundation here. They look after orphans and widdows in Madurai in India.

Did you know?

If a woman contracts HIV in India she is often ostracised by her family even if it is her husband who infected her.
Female infanticide is still practiced in some parts of India as girls are considered less valuable than boys

Friday, 3 June 2011

Its been a long time

Thinking I need some new trainers after approximately 1800 miles the soles are so thin its like running barefoot